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Re: Mockingbird Lane - It didn't suck!

It wasn't terrible, or as bad as I thought it would be, but I found most of the performances unremarkable, with the exception of Izzard. Certainly not as powerful a cast chemistry as Pushing Daisies had

I think they won me over with the premise, which was actually a tough sell for me, & they did deliver a snazzy looking pilot, but the overall execution, & performances fell flat, not to mention it being more graphic than a network would find acceptable in this type of series. I think had they played down the graphic gore just a bit, & had some of the cast be different, it might have worked

By different cast, I mean mostly Jerry O'Connell. I like the guy, but he just didn't do it for me, & I'm taking it as a completely separate entity from the original. He didn't work as the Herman he was supposed to be, mainly because, much like the original Herman, he was supposed to be the endearing one, & though they tried, O'Connell wasn't endearing enough, even though they robbed the character of almost all visual monstrosity

Which is the other problem with the character treatment. Herman is supposed to be the most visually monstrous. No, that doesn't mean he need look like Boris Karloff's Frankenstein, but he needs to be the one that draws attention more than the others

What they should have tried to do was get their hands on Brad Garrett, & dress him almost the exact same way they did O'Connell, & it would have been both more monstrous, & still more endearing, because Garrett would be very much more so on both accounts, without having to be as campy as Fred Gwynne

Just my opinion though
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