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Re: The Agnostic Prayer

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We agnostic still believe in a higher force but reject organized religion.
I consider myself to be agnostic but don’t feel that it matches with your description here. As an agnostic, I feel that we as humans have no way of knowing whether a “higher force” exists or not. There may be a supernatural power, it may be God, or it may be something else, or it may not exist at all and life is only a result of our physical world. Unless substantial evidence is provided within my lifetime, I will have to wait until I die to find out the truth. If life simply ends and there is no afterlife, then I won’t give a damn anymore anyway.

So, I don’t feel that there can necessarily be a common prayer among agnostics, to express our common morality. We don’t have a common morality; everyone follows their own intuition of what is right and wrong. I express my morality in the choices I make and the way I treat others on a daily basis.

I can think of a basic mantra for agnostics though: “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”
Time present and time past
are both perhaps present in time future.
And time future contained in time past.
—T.S. Eliot
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