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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

Hey guys! I'm 'new' to this forum. Not really new because I was active like ten years ago, I think it was during season 6-7 of Voyager.

Back then I hated DS9 because it sort of countermanded Gene Roddenberry's thesis on humanity. Now I would rank DS9 about equally with TNG, DS9 having the best overall vision and TNG having the best individual episodes.

I'm not sure I agree that DS9 aged that much better than TNG and Voyager. I think a lot of fans to the series go back to TNG on Netflix and watch the first season first, which absolutely did age terribly, but discounting TNG's first two seasons, I think all the seven-season modern Treks aged about equally well. Just, DS9 now seems more current because Battlestar Galactica picked up on its ideology and the idealism of TNG and Voyager comes off as passe due to certain world events.

I hadn't watched Star Trek in years but now with the help of Netflix I'm reconnecting with the three non-terrible modern Treks.
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