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Re: So we're undoing Indistinguishable from magic?

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In short, before anyone starts complaining about how the new books are "undoing" IFM, it might be instructive to realize that if most of the other works in the literary continuity fit together except for IFM, maybe that one book lies outside the current continuity, as a unique expression/interpretation of its author, much as David R. George's acclaimed Crucible trilogy represents its author's unique vision of the classic Star Trek mythos.

Also, just to make sure no one gets confused here, saying that a book stands apart from the current shared literary continuity is not a value judgment on the work or its author, merely an observation on the work's relationship to the other books in the recent schedule.
Being compared to Crucible would be cool... But if I'd known that I'd have gone further...

not blaming you, BTW! Will be picking up the trilogy when the third book is out!
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