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Re: So we're undoing Indistinguishable from magic?

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I don't like to argue with a author, but as far as I can tell there's no reason IFM can't fit into continuity. Challenger was sunk, after all. Nog could quite easily have served there then moved on to DRGIII's books. As could have Nurse Ogawa.

What it looks like is editorial didn't point out to authors that stuff they were doing contradicted IFM, building up to the errors in Cold Equations. And now the book's being ignored to make up for that....
It'll probably get me banned from ever writing Trek again, but what happened was:

S&S/CBS asked for more familiar characters - not only did nobody say "hey, that character's unavailable cos they're on Titan or wherever", they actually chose Ogawa from the suggestions of "Ogawa, Pulaski or a new character".

When I specifically asked "is there anything in Typhon Pact or current continuity/plans that conflicts with this?" they said "no."

They approved the outline at several stages, knowing the conflicts.

Then, at the copyedit stage after delivery - which was just when one editor left and the office was in chaos - they went "hey, how come Reg and Ogawa are here! WTF!?" They actually suggested making it set before Destiny or something, but I fought against that.

Ed Schlesinger was very strong on repeating "we don't want it to be apocryphal" - that's the word he used repeatedly - with the inference that being apocryphal would mean "you're screwed". So I guess they now decided it is. Which almost certainly means I'm out, which would explain why I haven't heard from them for two years...

I think this post is what they call career suicide, but since I'm convinced my Trek career has been shot in the head anyway...
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