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Re: So we're undoing Indistinguishable from magic?

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I don't like to argue with a author, but as far as I can tell there's no reason IFM can't fit into continuity. Challenger was sunk, after all. Nog could quite easily have served there then moved on to DRGIII's books. As could have Nurse Ogawa.

What it looks like is editorial didn't point out to authors that stuff they were doing contradicted IFM, building up to the errors in Cold Equations. And now the book's being ignored to make up for that....
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David Mack wrote: View Post
and Nog's new role, which contradicts David R. George's ongoing DS9 literary continuity.
Except I believe Nog's stint as a security chief was mentioned in Raise the Dawn, David R. George even acknowledged and explained Sela's character change between Indistinguishable from Magic of Plagues of Night/Raise the Dawn. Really the only major thing is the Ogawa thing.
I know that DRG3 did his best to reconcile the continuity details from IFM with PoN/RtD, but I was instructed by my editors simply to move on and proceed as if with a clean slate. So before you start accusing me of making "errors," be advised that I worked in good faith based on the instructions I was given.
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