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I'm trying to decide if I want to keep the grid lines or not. I've always like the idea of them, even if their implementation has always been flawed. Given that it has windows on the port side and other details missing from the original studio model, I'm happy with the idea that this is an interpretation of the Enterprise and not necessarily a perfect replica of one of the shooting models.
This is exactly the philosophy expressed by the Round 2 production staff in their email updates and discussions at hobbyTalk.

If I do keep the lines, at the very least I'll remove them where they trace over the triangular hatches on the underside and the rectangular patches over engineering. I also think the space around the ventral dome should be free of radial lines up to the first circular grid.
For the record, Gary Kerr (the kit's designer and researcher) said the full-sized filming model had the grid lines drawn right over those panels.

I'm also thinking of shifting the turbolift so that it lines up with the Bridge interior detail.
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