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Re: Q is a pathetic loser

I know may go against many fans by saying this, but I hated Q. The concept of the species, the character, everything. Nothing about him made him an interesting character, especially not enough to rehash him throughout VOY.

DS9 saw sense and realised they didn't need to fall back on staples/favourites from TNG to make a great series. But in VOY he was overused and not very effectively. I wanted to focus of the Voyager crew struggling to get home, but instead we had to face a sexist demi-god, a pointless civil war that left the universe pretty much as it was (what would VOY do without that reset button?), and a really annoying super-child (wasn't the pain and agony of Wesley enough?).

The only good thing to come out of the Q was Suzie Plakson's protrayal, mainly because she is just great in Trek.

But then again, that's just all my humble opinion.
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