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Re: Latest acquisition!

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A few days ago, my "Haynes' Klingon Bird-of-Prey Owner's Workshop Manual" arrived from Amazon. Looks like fun - is it getting pilloried like the previous Haynes did? (Can't say I've sought out online feedback/reviews; the last one was savaged by the techie fans.) I had a terrible time finding the previous USS Enterprise manual when it was first published and eventually ordered from Amazon. (Of course, shortly after mine turned up, it began turning up in a few stores.) Hence this time, I ordered online way in advance - and it turned up in Galaxy a few weeks ago.
I'm not a "techie", but for what it's worth I thought the Klingon Haynes manual was rather good; I found it more interesting than the Enterprise manual. That's probably because there was more original material; the Enterprise manual was probably very interesting to casual fans, but for those with a more in-depth interest in the Trek universe it didn't really offer anything new. The Klingon one, though, has lots of original information; many of the diagrams of the internal components and ship's systems are new, there's exploration of Klingon torpedo types and how the wing works compared to the more traditional warp nacelles; there's even discussion that's relevant to the wider Trek 'verse and not just Klingons, like the explanation of docking procedures. Oh, and Martok himself writes the foreword. I'd recommend it.
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