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Re: Those little details you miss

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Weren't a few of them already developed for the aborted TV show?

Also, as far as costumes, I think it was a bit of Fletcher getting the keys to the old paramount art house store room and given a "blank check" and carte blanche.
With the sheer number of Epsilon 9 outfits auctioned by It's a Wrap! a few years ago, they certainly must have earmarked as much costume budget as possible to stockpile stuff for potential telemovie spin-offs, when the budget would be much smaller.

When I had a phone conversation with Fred Phillips in January 1984, he told me their brief was to emulate the banquet scene of "Journey to Babel", with the thought that the alien ambassadors were being gathered for their own briefing on the approach of Vejur. More closeups (and even dialogue) had originally been expected (hence a few aliens had human mouths) but, when Robert Wise came to the project, he was less impressed with the over-the-head latex alien masks and shoved them into the background, despite the gorgeous old fabrics used in their costumes.
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