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Re: I'm issuing new orders...

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But clearly some sort of a regulation or bit of training, conventional wisdom, whatever, is in place to keep starship skippers from allowing their shields to pop up willy-nilly, and blindly contradicting that idea would be "anti-Trek".
My order was to apply only in situations where the shields were already up, and weapons were getting through due to the enemy receiving shield frequency information illicitly.

Any attempt to make do without the communicators would then be "anti-Trek".
I'm not really much concerned with situations where crews are off ship. I'm talking about internal sensors, when someone tosses their combadge down a corridor or leaves it in a turbolift and then goes to hide in the jefferies tubes... That situation is preventable, with just a little forethought in programming the sensors.

Also, constant tracking of people in general appears to be so rarely done that there probably are laws against it, even within Starfleet.
And that's why they make everyone wear little tracking devices on their chests??

Either that, or then it's trivially easy for a villain or a privacy-minded person of even moderate skills to thwart tracking, so the heroes never assume they would have a means to track or even backtrack.
Damn! I bet our enemies are SMART. Let's not even *bother* trying to defeat them using conventional means. I need CRAZY ideas only, people! THE CRAZIER THE BETTER!

But evidently all people take off their badges at least once a day. And they don't want to get tracked on such an occasion.
First, probably they stay in their own quarters when doing so, so it's not such an issue. Second, I don't even know that you can assert what you're saying is true. We constantly see crew people off duty... Usually they keep wearing their uniforms, and even when not, they almost universally wear their combadge anyway. Would you leave home without your cel phone? Third, a lot of our Starfleet friends literally sleep in their uniforms.

There is no reason this would not work, unless the writers came along and decided to invent something else to make it not work. Like if someone re-programmed a tricorder to emit a sensor scattering field, or whatever.
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