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Re: CBS's "Rules of Engagement" for Star Trek Fan Films

Tom, it's a little childish and inflamatory to make vague accusations - especially for no purpose at all. As I said, CBS knows about everything everyone is doing.

I know you can't be speaking of Phase II, who (as mentioned in my original post) has "donate to pay our server costs" and "donate to help pay the rent" type of paypal buttons, which are exactly the "specific items" buttons that CBS requires for donations, and who ran a small, short Indiegogo campaign for specific costs for our fall shoot: which were detailed to CBS before such campaign ran. We may run more such campaigns in the future as well...and, just like last time, it will be for specific costs that CBS knows about - NOT to fund an entire episode or an entire "production" which is NOT allowed by CBS. (which makes Kickstarter an automatic no-no, as KS ONLY allows funding of "entire projects".) As always, CBS will approve whatever we do AHEAD of time so we know they aren't going to come after us AFTER we've accomplished a goal it turns out they don't approve of. (Like our "Star Trek: Phase II" t-shirts, which they nixed.)

I suggest if you are worried about some fan film being in violation, I suggest you contact that particular film and advise them to clear what they are doing with CBS prior to any nasty contact from CBS themselves.
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