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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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1. No thanks
2. Touch screen interfaces are stupid
3. No thanks, I'd rather pay with cash if I'm buying something in person
4. No I won't
5. It already does, if internet porn counts?

Also, smart phones and tablets are stupid., you're a luddite?
No, I just dislike those particular technologies. None of those things are true advances (other than the first one, which I dislike because it takes away control from the user, while bringing no real benefits to 'advanced users', which in this case refers to good drivers) and add nothing valuable to the user experience, other than adding a little convenience for some users and taking away a little convenience for other users.

Flexible screens already exist, btw, and they're quite usable, just not durable or reliable enough for real-world use yet. RFID technology and voice control aren't exactly revolutionary, either.
Is taking the control away from the user always a bad thing?

No real benefits, well that depends on what you class as a benefit. On Motorways robot control cars could in theroy travel at higher speeds more safely than human controlled cars. So instead of having say a 70mph limit, a train of robot control cars could travel at twice that speed.

Roads in some areas are very congested, having motors controlled by computer would likely mean that exisiting roads can be better utilised so instead of building moree roads, widening existing roads we are better able to use exisiting capacity.

As the roads would be used more efficentently there could be an econmic benefit, enviromental benefit.

So there are potential real benefits.
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