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It's the zombie gut thing again. Surrounding yourself with zombie odor keeps them from noticing you. That was why Michonne kept her two pet walkers around in the past. I'm surprised it took her so long to catch on this time, but I guess she was distracted.
I don't think Michone realized that she was covered in walker gore until the zombies walked past her. She looked down at herself and noticed she was covered in blood and goo...then it dawned on her. She also walked up to the fence at the prison covered in the same goo. Pretty bold I'd say.
That was what I meant. She already knew how the walker gore thing works and really should have been able to move among them with impunity... but she overlooked it until that moment. It was a fake-out for the sake of the audience.

Afterward, she probably didn't consider walking up to the fence to be all that bold or risky. (Except for the possibility of getting shot. )
Nah, she had a shopping basket full of formula...she came to visit bearing gifts. lol
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