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Re: Remaking British shows for North American TV.

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You can bet the Yanks will NEVER remake "New Tricks".

Americans are TERRIFIED of anybody over forty appearing on tv, let alone somebody over 65!!!
You mean like Psych, which co-stars the lead's father as a retired police officer who helps out on cases and even teamed up with two other even older retired detectives to solve a cold case, which is pretty much the same idea as the show above?

Or Cold Case, where half the main cast was in their forties with two of the detectives in their 60s?

Or Longmire, whose Australian lead actor Robert Taylor is 50?

Or CSI, where all three heads of the unit were in their fifties or older (as are leads Gary Sinise and David Caruso on the spinoffs), and 64 in Ted Danson's case.

The 900 Law & Order shows have several actors older than that.

Vegas has 58 year old Dennis Quaid as the lead sheriff and 49 year old Michael Chicklis as the main antoagonist.

The remake of Life on Mars featured then ~71 year old Harvey Keitel as Gene Hunt.

Lead agents Mandy Patinkin (in his mid-50s at the time) and currently Joe Mantegna (65) on Criminal Minds.

That's just a few (not all) of the crime-related shows that feature actors in the age ranges you say Americans are apparently all-caps terrified of seeing on TV, not even getting in to other genres.
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