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Re: Remaking British shows for North American TV.

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I remember something about when the remake of Skins first aired there was talk of it being Child porn.

I have heard they're also talking about remaking Misfits as well. Which seems entirely pointless as it's supposed to be a British take on the American myths of superheroes.
Good example of why it's silly to purchase the rights to most shows, because they're just an iteration of some previous idea anyway.

Here's the reason they keep doing it anyway: corporate ass covering. If you can point to a teenage superhero mutant show working somewhere, then you have some cover if it fails, and most shows do fail.

So we can all expect this phenomenon to continue indefinitely, regardless of whether audiences want these shows or care that they are remakes of shows the audience is unlikely to have heard of in the first place. It's all about some guy protecting his career in a very dicey industry where one failure can be catastropic.

The remake phenomenon has been exaggerated anyway. I've been keeping track of broadcast and cable development just in the sf/f genre and the proportion of shows that are foreign remakes is very small compared with the huge number of shows that are in some stage of development at any given time, and most of which will never make it to production.
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