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Re: Boardwalk Empire - Season 3 (Discussion, Spoilers)

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Anyone else get the feeling that Margaret will be drinking some sour milk in the next few weeks? Who would want to bring a child into Nucky's world?

Yeah, definitely. Actually, I think she'll likely accept the doctor's offer of doing the class elsewhere. It will give her a chance to do some good while trying to endure her storm, a sort of cold comfort. Also, I'm guessing that she may ask him to perform a service if she doesn't want to keep the child. Currently, he seems to be the only person with an ear for her.

And I don't think it's so much that she's angry with Nucky's infidelities, but that she knows he has power and able to do anything he pleases to reach his ends, and that his power has finally reached her doorstep. Before, she'd keep a careful distance away from his activities, never wanting to become involved in them, and in a way he kept her safe from harm's way, but now for the first time, that brutal cold calculation has affected her personally, and now she's likely afraid for her own life and her children.

Also, I have to wonder if this series will go beyond the 3rd season. It almost feels like things are drawing to a close with so many people dying now.

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