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Re: Are regenerations still capped at 12?

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Sorry if this was mentioned....

Doctor Who, the show, comes to an end with the demise of the 13th... There is big fanfare and too do... End of the show.... It goes on hiatus for a couple of years just to let it all sink in and then...

Re-boot Ala Abrams-Trek... It just starts off again with Doctor #1... Alternate timeline and universe, or not.... They could keep some of the same characters (Susan, for one) and even reimage some of the original stories, but do a re-boot... We could get a definitive origin story from the day he steals the TARDIS...

The possibilities for new storylines are endless...
A reboot would be unessesary. Besides, they're making a one off prequel about the docotr stealing the tardis for the 50th anniversary.
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