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I want a tattoo of a great quote! I'm particularly fond of "I've lost my heart, I've buried it too deep under the Iron Sea", courtesy of Mr Timothy James Rice-Oxley.

I could just cover my whole body with the stuff he writes.

The Iron Sea bit just fits so perfectly.

I'm good at quoting other people, not so much at coming up with original stuff myself...which is why there are song-writers out there to do it for me.
GREAT choice!!! Tim's writing and Keane's music as a whole is full of inspiration... Really haven't stopped playing Strangeland since I got it... Almost every song is fantastic!!

Thank you, and you are so right about Strangeland! I went to see them live a week and a half ago, and I've been listening to Strangeland (especially Disconnected and Sovereign Light Café) nonstop, as well. I've been wanting to get a Tim-quote tattoo for ages... So, to put it in the quiet tones of the perfect Mr Thomas Oliver Chaplin (sorry but I love this gif):

It was a nice day ... AND THEN EVIL CAME!The Collected Works of Stephen King, condensed version
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