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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

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Anyway, I didn't see any introduction thread in here, so I hope no one minds that I made my own.
on the contrary! It's an excellent idea

Fellow Niner reporting in.

I'm a fan of the DS9 Klingons (Worf, Martok, Kang, Koloth, Kor, Alexander. Not so much of Gowron - he's too sneaky imh. Not really honourable). I like the way they gain character both as persons and as a people in that series. A quantum leap from the TOS or even the TNG Klingons.

My favourite epi is Klingon-free, though: Profit and Lace. Mooghie is just so cool! Love the way she shows the guys that she has bigger lobes for business than they have.

As a general rule, DS9 has far more strong female characters than the other series. There are not only the regulars (Dax and Kira) but also a lot of recurring characters like Kai Opaka, Kai Winn, Mooghie, Tora Ziyal or the female Shapeshifter. And rather a lot of one-epi characters like the female Vorta, Grilka, Dax's ex-wife etc.
Even Quark's barmaid and Keiko, usually rather one-dimensional characters had a few really strong episodes.
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