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Re: What do you want to see in TAS Remastered?

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If they remaster TAS, the original doesn't disappear from my shelf. It still exists.
It exists for you--but for the George Lucases of the world, original films are replaced by the endless altered versions, which is the only one available to future generations--and most studios are not interested in providing original and remastered on home video as seen with the TOS Blu Rays.

That's an exception, not the rule.

And I never bought the "disrespects the work" angle. It's a forty year old property, if anything it shows an incredible amount of respect that someone wants to take the time to update it for modern audiences.
Its disrespect when thinking everything old is "bad," or that no younger audience can wrap their minds around the fact that there were other technical skills employed before CG.

By that rationale, the current owners of 2001 should replace all efx shots with CG (maybe have the Discovery performing barrel rolls through an asteroid field--'cause that's exciting!), as everything eventualy demands "improvement."
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