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Yes, I've proposed this idea as a possible path to getting another series, but CBS is going to meddle to their heart's content and I imagine Netflix would have something to say about it as well. None of that precludes the results being good.

I like the idea of removing the broadcast-network framework that has driven all the other series - no more structuring stories around ad breaks, no need to have one-hour episodes (could be longer or shorter), no need to structure things around seasons, no worrying about the FCC.

The fan films do amazing things with no budget. How is that kickstarter up 'Renegades' doing? I didn't know Trek could have a kickstarter. It sounds like a stupid idea though for a series.

Temis, can I send you my way of doing this? Just a two page synopsis. I'm gonna list the 93 page pilot script on anyway. It's an original premised space opera. PM me.

No elevator pitches over the internet. (I already have a star attached). I live in NY so I'm rarely in an elevator with Les Moonves or Bryan Fuller or even know where netflix is.
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