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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Yes, thank you, We/I get that, just playing what if here, what if the writers are in fact messing with our minds?
IMO, the only way Lori is returning is as a walker because Carl was too chicken shit to shoot his mother in the head.

Other observations:

*Why was that chick on the wall so upset about Lori jumping down and killing the walker? If anything that should illustrate how proficient she is at handling herself in those types of situations?

*Glenn is an idiot for falling into Merle's trap. He should have shot him on site because Merle was a huge risk back in Atlanta and his behavior then should have shown why he could not be trusted.

*I'm glad Carol is coming back. Darryl is going to IMO be a more stable leader than Rick is now.

*Regarding Michone, I'm wondering if it's only that she had zombie guts on her that the walkers were ignoring her or as others have suggested has been infected and how isn't a target for the walkers? [indientally the zombie guts worked in season one as a way to throw them off until it rained]

*I cannot figure out the Governor - are they trying to position him as still bat shit crazy or just disturbed over his daughter's death and that Lori has entered his life has become more sane?
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