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Re: CBS's "Rules of Engagement" for Star Trek Fan Films're welcome. I just consider it common courtesy, and have shared the same info privately whenever asked.

And CA is correct. CBS legal is well aware of "Titan"...just as they are aware of Farragut's "donate" button on their website, Farragut's partnership with apparent "investment" individuals (which implies a profit to share), Excalibur's and Origins "Star Trek" t-shirts, the "Official" Star Trek Continues FB page - all violations, and, of course, "Star Trek Renegades": who imply they are going to be a new Trek TV series AND are running a "Kickstarter" campaign for the pilot episode - which is an immediate violation of the ground rules for Trek fanfilms, and....well, let's say everyone can assume that if it's out there then CBS legal is aware of it.

How, when, and what CBS's planned responses are to each "violation" they see is entirely up to them and not open to our scrutiny...just as the "why" for each response, even if it's "we'll ignore that" or "we'll leave them alone for now until...". It's their property and it's their choice.

Basically, I understand people feeling ownership of the franchise we love so much, and I understand the desire to want to protect that franchise from people "breaking the rules"...but CBS is really the ONLY ones that have the legal right to those feelings and if they chose to act or not act we really don't have a right to judge them on it. (which we seem to do all the time...whether it's "why are you ignoring these people?!" or "why are you picking on this group?!) For me, I know it's their baby and I am going to leave the care options up to them.
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