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Re: Describe if you will, a "real" Star Trek battle...

I'd think a "real" ST battle would employ much of what is used in today's combat (and I'm no professional warfighter).

The actual visual firing of weapons would only be a small part of the combat. Combat would be at thousands of kilometers range, all beyond visual range. There would be extensive sensor tracking, sensor jamming, re-acquiring.

There'd be C3 interference, electronic attacks on the enemy to prevent his ability to launch an attack or pose a threat. A variation of the prefix code ruse Kirk used in TWOK.

When weapons were fired, there'd be countermeasures and other means of defense other than taking the hit and falling down on the bridge.

Of course, much of this isn't visually exciting for the screen, weapons fire and hit FX make the kewl factor.

But then again, the non-visual component of combat can be dramatically tense and exciting if well written.
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