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Re: Pixar Merger with Disney Has Hurt Quality

I liked Cars 2 more than Cars 1.

ANyways your point is not really based on anything. John Lasseter is still in command of Pixar, he is also in charge of Disney animation. Pixar got a great deal from Disney. They make more movies now, so more of them suck. But we got Toy Story 3, so right there proves it's not just a merger that messed things up.

I havent seen Brave, and a prequel to Monster's Inc., which I love, is completely not needed, but my least favorite Pixar movies are Cars 1 and The Incredibles. t's just personal taste.

I was really looking forward to Newt, but they canceled it. However they are making a dinosaur movie and how can you mess up a movie with dinosaurs. I have faith still.
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