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Re: Children in Need 2012: Christmas Special prequel + trailer

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But Strax? Oh, man, he's gonna steal the show, I just know it! Uh, he is the same actor who played the "wet nurse" Sontaran in "A Good Man Goes to War", isn't he? It was a bummer that character died, but I'm thrilled the production found a way to reintroduce a similar character. I rather like the idea of a grumpily reluctant Sontaran ally.
Not just the same actor, but the same character as well. Yes, the Sontaran nurse in Good Man was Strax. I sure would like to know how he survived a fatal gunshot wound.
Maybe because it takes place before that happens?
I think not.

1) If this were before Good Man, shouldn't Strax be with that gang in the year 4000 or whatever who dressed as though it were the 18th century fighting a war whose wounded Strax was responsible for treating?

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