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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I don't watch The Talking Dead, either. I do, however, watch The Walking Dead, and Rick's Lori delusion clearly "told" him the name of each person he had "talked" to.

Your joke, if such was what it was supposed to be, about heaven and Lost was unfunny enough that, yes, I felt like reiterating delusion.
Really? It cracked me up.

I'll have to re-watch the Episode because I don't remember each person giving a name.

Again though, why exclude the other people?
Andrea could also be added to the unknown list and the kid from the farm that was driving the RV.
If you are going to have a delusion why exclude those folks?

Couldn't you be talking to real people and think you are having a delusion?
When you are peaking into a crazy/deranged/delusional persons mind via TV/Movie pretty much anything goes.

BTW Jim and Amy are common enough names, how do we know the prison staff don't have those names?
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