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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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So they are calling Rick from Heaven? Is that why it's a safe place? Are we watching Lost now?
No, it's called a delusion.

Also, the full list of deceased Rick "talked to" on the phone is Amy, Jim, Jacqui, and Lori.

Umm yes, thank you for the explanation of a delusion, I don’t think I would have gotten that if you hadn’t explained it for me.
How are we the viewer supposed to know Rick was talking to each of those people, they didn’t give their names that I remember and not all of us watch the Talking Dead (or wherever it was that info came from).

A delusion talking to those folks (to me) would indicate some sort of guilt on Rick’s part, other than possibly Lori I see no reason for Rick to have any sort of Guilt over their deaths.
How come Shane, T-dog, Dale (Carol and Merl, since Rick didn't know they are still alive) and Sophia didn't get to talk to Rick from Heaven?

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