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Re: Season ONE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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(1) The way these images look has nothing to do with the remastering process. This is how they were filmed. Just take a look at the DVD screen captures.

(2) By the way, I should also warn you that hotlinking as you did is frowned upon. That's why I removed the IMG tags from your quoted post.
(1) In principle I know and agree with that. Anyhow, when I compare the DVDs (playing on my computer) with the BD (on my TV) I get the impression that this light contrast is even bigger on BD than on DVD. I am just saying, I don't like these intentional shadowings in Season 1.

(2) What do you mean with hotlinking? I am not sure what you mean. (I guess it is "direct showing the images in the post"???)
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