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Re: Should TNG have had different Star Fleet uniforms?

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I liked the TNG uniforms from Seasons 3-7, although I understand they were incredibly uncomfortable for the actors to wear (the seasons 1-2 uniforms were only slightly worse as far as comfort was concerned, IIRC).
Yeah, weren't both uniforms made out of spandex or something like that? I recall hearing that it was some sort of stretchy material and the way they made the uniforms in S1 resulted in back strain.
The S3-7 uniforms were made of wool, two piece (shirt and pants) and had the belt. I'm sure it was much more confortable for the actor. Hell, it LOOKED much more comfortable to me.
From what I've read in interviews with various cast members, they were anything but comfortable. IIRC, there were complaints that they were tight around the shoulders, tight around the waist, and very difficult to raise your arms in (the tunic also had a tendency to shoot completely up into your neck when doing so, forcing everyone to do a "Picard maneuver" afterward when doing anything other than standing or walking).

According to Robert Beltran and Garrett Wang, the early DS9/VOY uniforms were even more uncomfortable to wear.
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