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My personal hope would be to see the NX-01 pulled out of mothballs and refit in the Drexler style.
Unfortunately, canon makes it pretty clear that NCC-1701 was the first Federation starship named Enterprise. I tried to think of a way NX-01 could still be in service as a non-commissioned ship or Earth ship, but if it were spaceworthy for those purposes, why not commission it as a Federation ship? And I'm tired of secret missions unrecorded by history.

As for the Drexler refit, it occurs to me that, despite what the cover art shows, it's never specifically stated in the Romulan War books that NX-01 wasn't refitted that way.

And there are always other ships...

More important than the ship, however, would be how the war's fall-out and the UFP as a new step for galactic civilization impacts the characters and society in general. That relationship building will be interesting to see not only within the UFP worlds but amongst the other worlds as well. We see how the formation of the Typhon Pact affected the quadrant, so it will be interesting to see how the Klingons and others react who are afraid the UFP will be a threat to them.
There may be something along those lines...
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