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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

HA HA Good question though. Christian and I are both big military history buffs and Midway is just one of the best war stories ever. So there are things we like from that story, but the whole of Japan in WWII is a rich source of material. Pearl Harbor (Think BSG: Razor), Midway, hell Coral Sea is an AMAZING battle no one ever talks about. Yamamoto as the reluctant warrior.

So there are many inspirations, but of course, the story must be original and fascinating to a Star Trek audience.

I am writing Act 4 now, which is all the Battle of Axanar. And I did a lot of research, even reading four of the Honor Harrington novels to see how the author described those battles (Basically 18th century navel battles in space). Everything sparks ideas. Not to copy, but in directions to go.

As I have said, I don't want final battle to be one big DS9 style slugfest. I have lots of problems with those battles. So ours needs to be really strategically interesting, while pushing the story forward and helping define our characters.

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