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Re: Children in Need 2012: Christmas Special prequel + trailer

Anyway...back to the clips.

I wonder how many fans upon hearing the special would depict "snowmen" assumed they were going to be Troughten era "Yeti"? I bet there were a few fans muttering curses upon seeing the clip.

I don't mind the idea of literal "snow" monsters; that seems right up DW's alley. I just think they might have looked more interesting if their "teeth" resembled icecicles. Whether or not they are composed of frozen water, visually, I think they'd look better than the cartoonish triangular "chompers" I saw in the clip.

But Strax? Oh, man, he's gonna steal the show, I just know it! Uh, he is the same actor who played the "wet nurse" Sontaran in "A Good Man Goes to War", isn't he? It was a bummer that character died, but I'm thrilled the production found a way to reintroduce a similar character. I rather like the idea of a grumpily reluctant Sontaran ally.


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