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Re: What do you want to see in TAS Remastered?

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Why? What is the point of trashing the very work which attracted viewers/won an Emmy, etc.? Look at the Star Wars situation--the original films have been screwed with again and again since 1997, and most of the changes are not only pointless, but stand out as obvious computer artifacts...and that's from the alleged best efx house in the world.
They're talking about complete animation replacment, the issues star wars had with mixing and matching don't really come into play.

New animation + old audio can be done successfully. Toei, the animation house in charge of one of the most successful japanese cartoon series , "one piece", has been making it for over thirteen years, so the early episodes look markedly different to the later ones. When they have to do flashbacks they often totally redo the animation so it's not so jarring, and it looks rather good.

Whether it should be done can of course be argued.
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