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Re: "There's turkeys in there, now. Real turkeys!"

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Here's my question: When Kirk says "It's Thanksgiving on Earth..."

Since when was it a world-wide holiday?
How should he have phased it? I never took Kirk's statement to mean the entire Earth celebrated an America holiday. A century later Data mentioned that a Hindu holiday was being observed on the Enterprise D, that doesn't mean the whole Earth was doing the same.

Oh, I took it that way when I was 9. After all, he said "It's Thanksgiving on Earth." That means Earth to me, not just a part of it. Especially since they made such a big thing of having an international crew. At 9, I didn't know then that it was a strictly national holiday. In later years I started saying to the TV screen:

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So, was it Canadian or USA thanksgiving on Earth that day?
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