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Re: Question for authors: General 'rules' for tie-in media (any franch

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Does Shadows on the Sun use one of those back stories for McCoy? I haven't read it myself, but the back cover blurb on Memory Beta says McCoy runs into his ex-wife so I'm assuming their history must come up somewhere along the line.
Essentially everything since Enterprise: The First Adventure, including SotS, has used the basics of what McIntyre established, such as that McCoy's ex-wife was named Jocelyn. I think they've all stuck with the idea that it was Jocelyn who got custody of Joanna in the divorce (although the earlier Crisis on Centaurus said that Bones got custody).

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Then there's E:TFA and DC's first Trek annual telling different versions of Kirk's first mission as Enterprise captain within a year of each other in 1985-6 -- and then Pocket and DC telling different versions of the end of the 5-year mission later in the '80s.
And more recently, your 2012 novel DTI: Forgotten History portrayed a completely different set of circumstances surrounding the end of the five-year mission than David R. George III's 2006 novel Crucible: McCoy - Provenance of Shadows. So that tradition continues even today, of presenting multiple interpretations of major events in Trekverse history.
Oh, yes, I'd forgotten about Crucible. And there's also a version of the end of the 5-year mission in Strange New Worlds 10, the story "Empty" by David DeLee. That makes seven different versions to date that I know of. (Maybe eight, depending on how you interpret Black Fire.) That may be a record for the number of different retellings of the same event in professional Trek tie-in fiction.

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My point was that while you may not feel continuity matters much in Doctor Who and even though the show itself provides a get-out clause, there's still an element of DW fandom - and indeed some tie-in writers for that franchise - who have constructed elaborate theorems to explain things such as how the multiple Atlantises (Atlantii? ) can co-exist, why two different Doctors have done variant versions of "Shada" or the "Human Nature" stories, and so on and so on.
It can be a fun creative exercise to try to concoct such rationalizations. The problem is that some people take it too seriously or get too invested in a single interpretation.
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