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Re: I'm issuing new orders...

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The computer has been shown to be rather literal and not necessarily rational in a human sense. I don't think your plan to have the computer track bio signs rather than combadges is feasible, because we don't really know what bio signs the computer can pick up.
It can tell human from Vulcan, and see people's heat, and tell where each life sign is. That alone would be enough to watch for people ditching their badges, then tracking them with the assumption that they're the person the badge normally belongs to. It doesn't need to work for 1014 people at a time, only those few who decide to ditch their badges and go rogue, for a temporary period of time.

Basically, you're assuming the computer doesn't need to use the combadges to track people, but could use bio signs just as easily.
While I do believe this to be true, yes, I am pointing out that even if it's *not* true, the computer still demonstrates enough ability to clearly follow the command... "If a lifesign attached to a combadge ditches the badge and moves away from it, follow that life sign and assume it's the person in question." Why couldn't it?

Events depicted in Trek demonstrate that that isn't the case. Apparently without the combadges the computer just isn't capable of recognizing people. Even with the combadges active, it can't always tell people apart.

The computers of the 24th century are idiot savants, powerful but naive, not omniscient as you seem to be assuming.
I'm implying they're like all computers... Garbage in, garbage out. They just haven't been programmed intelligently. They behave as if they were programmed by 1980's television writers or something!
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