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Re: Any old timers still around?

thanks for the tip, Wacky! I had no idea that REFCL is still online. Last time I looked (some 8 years ago) it was a rather crappy place, full of flamers and trolls.
Most TKers have different names now and are therefore difficult to recognize. Except for a69aries, perhaps - his spelling was always rather... well, let's say 'individualistic'
I think I'll propably rejoin Lonaf, depending on who's still active there. There are a few people I don't want to meet as they've behaved like absolute idiots in the past.
I wasn't aware that there's still a TK chat. Is there a java applet like the one Terran runs or is it accessible only by a mirc client?

And in case someone misses Daystrom: he sold his appartment some time ago and moved closer to his son (who by all accounts is one of the best students of the year, making his dad almost exploding with pride). For years Day has been suffering from heart troubles, but they have grown very much worse lately. Frankly, I don't think he has more than another 6 or 7 years. I'm scarcely in direct contact with him as he's hardly ever online now and he's way too lazy to snail-mail, but we call each other on the phone, occasionally, and his family and mutual friends keep me updated.
If someone would like to send him greetings or a get well message, please PM or mail them to me and I'll print them and forward them to him.
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