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Remaking British shows for North American TV.

We recently had British Shows being remade for the North American audience. British Shows like The Office, Primeval and Being Human have been remade for North America. There is one show that i would like to see being remade for North America.

Recently i came across this UK Show called Outcasts. It is set in 2060 where humans have colonized a "Goldilocks" planet called Carpathia. The Humans colonists are stranded on that planet after nuclear conflict destroys much of human civilization back on earth and they have to deal with the mysterious surrounding of their new home.

The mysteries include non corporeal lifeforms that are hostile to humans and signs that the planet once had native Hominids who are maybe extinct now. The humans also have to deal with artificially created humans called Advanced Cultivars who rebelled against the regular humans and escaped into the harsh wildness. Plus the last episode featured a shadowy space vessel from earth approaching the colony in order to overthrow the colonial government.

The show was cancelled after one season but the show was pretty good in concept. It is similar to Terra Nova but without the costly dinosaurs special effects.This show did come out before Tera Nova. A North American version could find an audience that the British version did not have.

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