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My Dad died five years ago. His doctor found something unusual and wanted to monitor it, to see him again in six months. Six WEEKS later, Dad was gone. We assume, but don't know, that a biopsy pierced a small cancerous growth, allowing the cancer to grow and spread as he bled internally. I don't know if this is hooey since I'm not an oncologist.

Not knowing that he was dying--who thinks that?--I was impatient with him on the phone. I regretted that so much and held it inside for five years. Hubby finally had me talk about things when I just started falling apart emotionally and this came out. All my guilt. I still feel guilty but I'm not letting it eat me up as much.

Sorry, I couldn't see the screen for a minute there. Had to dry my eyes.

Anyway, Dad was a true gentleman. Everyone who knew him, upon hearing of his death said that exact word, "He was always such a gentleman."

I miss him terribly. No one understood me as well as Dad.

Gotta go. Now I'm crying.
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