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Re: The Most Annoying Scene EVER Award Goes To...

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JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek movie.
I see your call, and raise you Star Trek V:The Final Frontier.
I'll toss Star Trek: Nemesis into the pot and any episode of TNG where Wesley saves the day while all the officers stand around looking stupid.
I'll up the ante with Generations and First Contact.

As for a scene from any of the movies...the most annoying scene I can think of is in Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier.
It's the scene where Kirk says he knew he wouldn't die when he fell off the mountain cause Spock and McCoy were there. Then he explains how he's always known he'd die alone.
I always skip over that and go to where Kirk ask Spock what he's doing and Spock says: I'm preparing to toast a marshmelon.
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