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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Well so far, I have only disliked three stills, two of explosions that just seem off (and I hope thats just because its a still, after all we normally see those in quick motion), and one reused orbiting shot.

That shot just highlights the main over riding issue I have with so far all effects shots except for one (the vortex shots besides a matte line, I really like all of those), that all teh special fx seems like, like well Dan Curry did them.

Sorry, but its a lite in a way that just makes it looked washed out, and the fine detail looks like its been under a soft filter, which takes away some of the great detail that was originally there.

Now I freely admit that the motion control work (ie new filmed elements of season two) might have been done in a way that captured less detail then what ILM did (the lion share of model shots of the ship last season). As tehy did work to improve the speed they could complete the shots, and to increase the dynamic range of type of shots they cuold do (even with the 6 ft model, though it was clear that had to change).

But when we get footage that was used in the first season, with model work by ILM and new planet recreation from CBS digital that are clearly of a either.
1. A different style or
2. Higher quality.

As much as I gripe about Dan Curry (and only in regards to his style, not the design of his work, or his later teams on TNG, and DS9), it truly is a different style that he did then what LEgato did at the time. Just as you can tell the style between the later visual fx producers when they expanded the team.

I mean look at TOS (not the FX) but even cleaned up the style of the women having a softer focus (due to the filter used on those shots) is still there. That style wasn't messed with, even if they could (which I have no idea if they could on that). I know they wouldn't want to.

But since its not just a few shots, that seem lite in this manner (ie his original episodes), I do have an issue with it.

Will I buy it? Probably, but it for the live action, but it will be a purchase that I am not really happy with.
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