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Re: Louisiana petitions Obama for secession.

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We petition the Obama administration to:

Peacefully grant the State of Louisiana to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own new government.


I came across this on the White House website, and frankly don't know what to make of it. We of course have the right to petition our government, but to the best of my knowledge there is no established legal means for a state to withdrawal from the union.

Nothing will likely come of this. Still, do you think a American State, with the support of it's populace, should have the constitutional means of separating from the Untied States?

Or should the federal government have the power to prevent them, if they really want to go? Once you're in, you can never leave.

What say you?

I say let them go. Most red states -- i.e. those in the south -- are poor states. They get more money back from the federal government than they send to Washington. They'll be begging for reinstatement in less than a year.
Yep. It would be hilarious to watch them fall on their faces. Now, if states that contribute to the economy start to talk secession, like California or New York, we might be in trouble, but those states are too smart for such BS.
Be careful when talking about states "that contribute to the economy." NC, to take a good example, may not be the textile and tobacco empire it once was, but Charlotte is a tremendous banking center (second in the US after NYC), Research Triangle Park is located in RDU (pharmaceuticals come to mind), and there is tremendous amount of biotech going on in the Piedmont Triad. Wilmington, NC also is also a productive port city; there's also a great deal of medicine and medical research going on in Durham (Duke) and Winston-Salem (Wake Forest University Physicians - Bowman Gray School of Medicine) and one of the most rigorous boards of Nursing in the country (which has often set standards over, ahead, and above others). We are also home to the UNC System (including the UNC School of the Arts), Duke University, and Wake Forest University. Politically, we tend towards division. Republicans have only recently won the majority in the General Assembly, and they lost the gubanatorial race, in my personal opinion, because the Democrats had a fairly weak candidate in Walter Dalton - and, for the record, Walter is my Dad's first cousin, so I know a thing or two about him. He's a very folksy, nice fellow, and incredibly intelligent - but that was his undoing in the current political climate, insofar as the Republicans have been able to appeal to the lowest common denominator in NC lately by playing on the social issues.
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