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Re: Visual continuity/Same future, different eyes

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Objecting to the stylistic choices of the latest version is just an excuse you're making up to justify your hostility toward its novelty.
Please do not ascribe emotions to me that I do not feel.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Fans like you have been condemning the newest incarnation of Trek as a corruption and a betrayal for the past three or four decades.
While I'm honored by your assessment of my views as part of a rich legacy of (hopefully thoughtful) criticism, still, I do not welcome your attack. Nor do I have any any serious problems with any Trek incarnation except for Nu-Trek.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Sadly, even though Star Trek is about approaching the new and different with openness and fascination, there are always fans like you who face it with hatred and condemnation.
Yes. When you no longer are able to intelligently debate, call me names. I feel no hatred. If new fans are excited by the latest incarnation, I'm very pleased. Must we all be 100 percent for all that is Star Trek? We must all be toadying fans? Personally, I'm not a big fan of the phaser squirt guns from the defunct Las Vegas ST Experience, so I guess I am not a true fan. Love the ViewMaster reels, though.

I ask again: Why is it so wrong to ask JPL or NASA to take a look at a script? Even give them a few bucks to do so? Apparently this is some great artistic sin?

Or is this about your own novels and your own insecurity?
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