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Re: Any old timers still around?

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And what happened to the matrixman? He was a rather nice kid once you got to know him. And wasn't there a poster named Unimatrix Zero as well?
Remember both posters. Not sure where matrixman is now. I did hear something about him a few years ago, that he had finished college was doing something with law.

And Unimatrix Zero is still in Tasmania - I think. Someone else asked about him. Haven't heard from him in a number of years.

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Dr Phlox
Harkley (and Flower, of course!)
Robert Loggia
Vedek Loki
VGRlover (aka someone's mask)
Are on lonaf, if memory serves me correct.

Many have disappeared from the internet, while others like Evil Robert and Elysium are on facebook.

There are some names there I have forgotten about.
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