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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I was looking at the thumbnails, but when I looked at the bigger image, it looked somewhat better. I still think there was more color on the DVD version but I don't represent many people comparing the DVDs to the Blu-Rays. It was just my first thought looking at them. I also believe I said that the images would be a lot better once we get the sets.

Also, I think I've been more than grateful for what CBS Digital is doing here so forgive me if I had a slight criticism.
I didn't mean to disregard all of what you've said on the subject (frankly I'm not keeping score), just reacting to that exact post you made comparing the Blu-ray caps unfavorably to the DVD ones. And indeed -- just as I suspected -- you were basing your criticism on thumbnails.

The praise for CBS Digital has been pretty much universal. It's HTV (Illuminate Hollywood) whose work seems to not be quite as polished. I assume that's what you meant to write.
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