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Re: Qesus?

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But is he really omnipotent and omniscient? Or is it that most of what he does is a deception?
Remember Quinn's warnings...despite how it may appear, the Q are NOT omnipotent.

As for "The God Thing"? I'm aware of it. And I don't care.

I don't even think that Q was the devil. Q is snarky and enjoys needling people, but he has never been outright evil. And correct me if I'm wrong, but Q has never lied to Picard (or anyone else), isn't that right? Satan, on the other hand, is literally the Father of Lies. Everything Satan does or says is a lie, or serves the cause of lies. Q doesn't do that.

And an excellent point re: SG-1. I never saw the ep in question (where Teal'c points out that the Goa'uld are incapable of compassion and benevolence and so could never impersonate Jesus), but now I think I want to. And Teal'c was right, BTW.
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