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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

No point in doing my usual listing of unreleased cues, since none of it's been released before -- except maybe for some of the sound effects cues, which might've been on the 1988 GNP sound-effects album. Looks to me like a version of "Planet Atmosphere" (as "Alien Planet Surface") and at least one of the "Sickbay Scanner" cues might have been on that album.

Would it be safe to surmise that these are sound effects that were created using musical instruments, and were thus part of the orchestras' recording sessions? (Or by voice, in the case of the flyby whooshes in track 71?) I hope the notes discuss how they were created.

I'm starting to understand the answer to my earlier question about why they would've recorded library versions of cues from episodes in the same season. From the repeated cue titles and the different running times, I suppose the library cues are isolated excerpts from the longer cues, the better to separate out segments for use as stock music. I always figured it was just done with editing.

And I'm very interested to find out what those generic library cues by Mullendore and Hatch are. I bet they're pieces that I know but have always attributed to the composer of the first episode each appeared in.

I hadn't realized Ivan Ditmars (who was credited for writing the Brahms paraphrase in "Requiem for Methuselah") performed the harpsichord pieces in "Gothos." Nice to get confirmation that those and the "Charlie X" source music are included.

Although I confess, I'm a little disappointed you didn't include "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen."

This is interesting:
The Cage Pre-Recording

54. Vina’s Dance (Wilbur Hatch) 2:09
We have a "Vina's Dance" credited to Courage on Disc 1 already. So is this, perhaps, music that was played on set for filming the actual dance scene (hence the pre-recording), then overdubbed with the Courage cue?
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