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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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I'd get the Vintage Toys "R" Us BMF but I can't justify plunking down $250 on one vehicle, awesome box that reminds me of my childhood and two included figures or not. The MTT Transport was a hundred dollars less and came with a whopping 21 pack-in figures even if sixteen of them were little more than statues with poseable heads and right arms.

I'm gonna have to wait until TRU marks down their leftover Falcons to pick one up. If their 2010 Hoth AT-ATs and this year's Death Star Trench Run 2-pack of fighters is any indication they'll have at least a few left to go on sale.
Yeah its weird that its $100 more than the original release. Fact is I like the original box more. I bet someone at Hasbro noticed how much these things are selling for on ebay and adjusted the price accordingly.
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